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Arctic Education Foundation was established in 1977 as a non-profit private foundation committed to providing support to eligible students pursuing either a degree or certification. The goal of the Foundation is an educated, trained Inupiat professional workforce ready to take on any job, especially those jobs requiring professionals within the North Slope region. All applicants who meet eligibility requirements and show a financial need are funded.

Arctic Education Foundation Inupiaq Stickers

The Arctic Education Foundation created these Inupiaq language stickers seen below as a fundraiser to support our students pursuing higher education and to encourage learning the language.These stickers are easily removable and re-stickable! By sticking these stickers on everyday objects, you continually expose yourself to the new vocabulary! The pack comes with 132 words that you can place around your office, classroom, home or any work location. The cost is $15.
  • Kick start your Inupiaq today! Thank you in advance for supporting our students!!
  • To place an order please email or call 907-852-8633

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